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Weekly in-depth interviews with artists and entrepreneurs of the music industry hosted by professional drummer Eddy Barco. Covering topics such as social media growth techniques and an individual/group’s path to success, each episode provides inspiring and useful information to musicians looking to further their career in the industry regardless of their current working status. 


Sep 4, 2021


NEW INTERVIEW with talented composer and producer with ODD COUPLE

As a producer oddCouple has been busy the last few years but this track marks his first official release since his critically acclaimed debut album Liberation which came out in 2016. The album finds oddCouple returning to the spotlight and delves...

Sep 1, 2021


NEW INTERVIEW with talented artist and songwriter RILEY CLEMMONS

Riley Clemmons is a 21-year-old artist from Nashville, TN who has accumulated over 210 million global streams and 50 million YouTube video views since the beginning of her almost decade-long career. After spending years honing her craft in writers’...

Aug 18, 2021


New conversation with talented producer and multi-media genius CRANKDAT

Gear up. It’s what fuels the Crankdat project to its very core and embodies what 22-year-old Christian Smith is inspiring others to do on a daily basis. In just a few years, the multi-faceted Ohio-based artist has amassed nearly a quarter of...

Aug 11, 2021


New interview with SMLE ATHENA TV

Award-winning video game Rocket League’s leading female streamer Athena just announced her first foray into music, joining forces with Grammy-nominated duo smle for their vibrant new single, “Eternal.” Out on Monstercat, the unmatched gamer turned singer-songwriter...

Jul 31, 2021


TISOKI is back on the podcast to talk about angel investing, fashion, and his new album release.

British bass producer Tisoki today released his poignant debut album, ‘01953’ on Monstercat. Featuring ten tracks that traverse classic dubstep stylings, trap-fueled grime, experimental bass, and beyond, his...