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Weekly in-depth interviews with artists and entrepreneurs of the music industry hosted by professional drummer Eddy Barco. Covering topics such as social media growth techniques and an individual/group’s path to success, each episode provides inspiring and useful information to musicians looking to further their career in the industry regardless of their current working status. 


Aug 11, 2021


New interview with SMLE ATHENA TV

Award-winning video game Rocket League’s leading female streamer Athena just announced her first foray into music, joining forces with Grammy-nominated duo smle for their vibrant new single, “Eternal.” Out on Monstercat, the unmatched gamer turned singer-songwriter introduces her powerful vocal chops and pop sensibilities, elevated by smle’s masterful production skills. The upbeat, energetic single is currently Rocket League’s main menu track and will soon feature as a Player Anthem in the game’s Item Shop, a crossover that bridges Athena’s dedicated community with her exciting new music endeavors.

Athena shares, “Creating “Eternal” will forever be a pivotal moment in my life. Music has always been a huge passion of mine, and to be able to create something that has never been done before is unforgettable. I hope everyone can feel how much heart we have put into this song. Get excited for more future releases!”

smle adds, “‘Eternal’ is a pretty special moment for us, Athena, and the music and gaming worlds. It’s the first time a Rocket League content creator pairs up with an artist who’s had in-game music to make a song specifically for the game. It’s been so fun getting everything together for this - from having some of the other top Rocket League content creators cameo in the video, to working closely with Monstercat and Psyonix to make this a major moment, has been nothing short of exciting. We hope those listening feel as energized as we are, because this one’s really special to us.”

Arriving with the single, the “Eternal” music video follows Athena as she gears up for a Mad Max-style race in the desert against smle and fellow Rocket League streamers Rizzo and SunlessKhan. While the queen holds the 'eternal' potion prize at the finish line, smle and Athena discreetly work together to beat the others and ride off with their magic serum into the sunset. Emmy-nominated director Rick Wayne, known for his work with brands like NIKE, Bud Light, and McDonald's, along with producer Danny Pollack, known for his work with artists like The White Stripes, Alesso, and Machine Gun Kelly, deliberately centered the video around cars as a nod to the artists’ involvement in Rocket League.