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Weekly in-depth interviews with artists and entrepreneurs of the music industry hosted by professional drummer Eddy Barco. Covering topics such as social media growth techniques and an individual/group’s path to success, each episode provides inspiring and useful information to musicians looking to further their career in the industry regardless of their current working status. 


Jul 9, 2021


Interview with amazing musician KATE SCHUTT

Kate is an award-winning songwriter, singer, guitarist, and producer. In 2018, Schutt gave a TEDx talk, “A Grief Casserole - How to Help Your Friends & Family through Loss,” which has been called “nothing short of life-changing” for people dealing with grief. 

Kate took a 5-year break from songwriting, performing, and touring to be her mom’s primary caregiver. Her new album, Bright Nowhere, details her emotional journey through the five years as her mother’s primary caregiver, including moments of hope, despair, optimism and acceptance. Bright Nowhere is a gift to her mother and the culmination of their bittersweet journey together

Today's episode gets very deep. Sit back, relax, and enjoy this special chat between the two of us.